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KIPNetworks International Ltd (RC:812895), (KIP means Kingdom Increase Partners) is a multidimensional, multipurpose, multilevel marketing and multiple income sources, partnership network and global spanning organization. It basically empowers and leverages its Members and Partners to attain their socioeconomic goals; to create, accumulate, compound, distribute and redistribute socioeconomic wealth among Members and Partners in ways that will make them remain rich and wealthy throughout their lives and bequeath such wealth to their chosen beneficiaries, especially their offspring; to enhance its Members and Partners with unbeatable and enormous opportunities and possibilities to enjoy their lives and enhance their living here on earth and in the world to come. KIPNetworks International has been in operation in Nigeria since 2005 and in Abuja and its neighboring states since 2013!

You too can bring your existing cooperative groups, organizations, associations, institutions, societies… to link with us or organize people and we establish cooperative group with them to enhance access to loans, grants, bonuses and other numerous benefits of KIPNetworks International!(

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